I'm just having different ideas about the logo size. Some places say it must be 800×800 px and 72 dpi.

What's the artboard size I choose first? What are resolutions I should use? What is the best DPI amount I should use?


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Start building the logo in a vector application, and worry about artboard size and resolution later: with a vector format logo, your artwork will be scalable to ANY artboard size and ANY resolution.

Don't know what a vector application is? Here's a list of the more popular ones:

Is Photoshop a vector application? No.

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    Well, Imho, the concept App is a small program, mostly on mobile devices, a phone. I would use an "application". :o)
    – Rafael
    Feb 10, 2021 at 20:18
  • Fair enough, thanks
    – Lucian
    Feb 10, 2021 at 20:23

What should have in a Scalable logo?

I will answer you what it should not have.

It must be 800×800 px

It should not have a fixed pixel dimension.

and 72 dpi.

It should not have a specific PPI resolution.

If you use a vector-based program as Lucian commented, you could start with the default artboard, A4, letter for example.

After finishing the logo, now you export it to a raster image, let us say to 800px width or whatever size you need it.

But that is a different step, the delivery.

Some places say it must be

This sounds like you are a very specific usage, for example, a "logo for xxxxx template on WordPress" but you do not design a logo based on a specific case, you design a logo to be used in different places.

and 72 dpi.

A web page does not use dpi, if you need 800px you need 800px regardless of the PPI.

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