I am following a tutorial that uses InDesign CC. I am currently practicing on InDesign CS6. The tutorial is talking about CC libraries. I added a new library to my CS6 document and created new swatches which I would like to add to my library but it will not allow me.

I am wondering if this is a feature not included in CS6? And how I would add swatches to a library I have created in the CS6 version.

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    CC was the version of the Creative Suite that came after CS6, when everything started moving to the cloud (hence Creative Cloud instead of Creative Suite); CC libraries belong to CC, not CS – they hadn’t been invented yet when CS6 was made. Feb 17, 2021 at 18:52

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CC Libraries are different than CS6 libraries.

CC libraries can contain many things - essentially anything that can traditional be saved externally - swatches, object styles, cell styles, table styles, etc. CC combined all externally savable items into one common location.

CS6 Libraries merely contain saved objects. With CS6 you create an object and then add that object to the Library. You could merely create a rectangle filled with your color, that rectangle can then be added to a CS6 library for later access. CS6 Libraries can't contain swatches or styles or anything which is merely a definition, Library items have to be objects.

The actual color swatch itself can't be saved to a "library" in CS6 but can be saved to an .ase file - which is a saved external file containing merely swatch definitions. When you load an .ase file, it merely populates the Swatch Panel, it doesn't open or populate any "library" panel directly.

So yes, there is a difference in Library operations between CS6 and CC versions of InDesign.

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