First off, I want to mention I do not know how to script, I am just a big fan of automation so I am always on the hunt for a better workflow!

Often times I need to clip a series of objects to a specific area – I do this by means of a frame.

This is my usual flow:

  1. Select objects
  2. Group
  3. Cut
  4. Draw frame (loosely)
  5. Paste into
  6. Adjust frame fitting

This is obviously fine but I would love to achieve the same thing with just a couple of clicks.

I could see this working as something that adds options to the contextual menu whereby the frame itself could resize:

New frame from selection>

  • Objects
  • Page
  • Margins

I hope this makes sense! Does anyone know of something similar or perhaps would be willing to write something for me?

Thanks in advance

  • I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to do. You mention clipping (that is, cropping so that the parts of the objects that are outside the desired area are not seen), but then you talk about pasting the items and then adjusting the frame fitting (which would rescale the items to the frame or vice versa, so no clipping). And how would your contextual menu resize the objects/page/margin based on the selection? I think you’ll need to show graphically what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Also, I don’t think you can modify contextual menus through simple scripting. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Feb 21 at 19:48

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