I am very new to working with Illustrator. So, basically, I have this stock image I downloaded from Adobe stock - I have no idea how to put my own images inside the pages! As you can see it is an AI file. I saw that you can do this with Smart Objects in Photoshop but wondering if I can do something similar in AI?

Thank you!!! Pages I want to Fill

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  • HI Cayla, welcome to GD.SE! Have you tried using Envelope Distort? – AndrewH Feb 23 at 20:32
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    Really difficult to give any direction without direct access to the file, which is sort of off topic here. Basically, copy a shape and use that copy as a clipping mask to mask actual content. But depending upon how things are constructed, you may need to merely utilize layers wisely. – Scott Feb 23 at 22:01
  • I think it would probably be easier to create the actual mockup in Photoshop, which has more effective methods to enable you to distort a page realistically so that it can fit a curved sheet like that. You could even import both the blank book, and any artwork in AI format as Smart Objects in Photoshop, and apply a warp transform. – Billy Kerr Feb 24 at 23:21

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