enter image description hereI tried scale and shear, but dont know how to smake this effect

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  • Draw a rectangle as large as you want your grid
  • Apply a stroke and no fill to the rectangle
  • With this rectangle selected, choose Object > Path > Split into grid and enter the number of rows and columns you want...
    enter image description here
    ... and click OK
  • With the grid still selected, choose Object > Envelope Distort > Make With Mesh
    enter an amount for rows/columns again in this dialog. These will be rows and columns for distortion. After you do this a couple times you'll get the hang of how these mesh rows/column work. They are different than the grid rows/columns. When you have a few divisions (you only need a few - you don't need the same amount that you entered for the grid), and click OK for the Mesh dialog window.
  • You now have a grid inside a mesh container. If you distort the mesh, you'll distort the grid....
  • Merely move the resulting mesh points and handles around...

enter image description here

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