Sorry for the most basic question. I'm looking at the code for my first website right now. I'm just creating a portfolio page for my Illustration works, as an excuse to learn.

I want someone else to be able to simply open the HTML file and check what I've made, meaning that I need to host the images of the page somewhere online. Is there a good place online where I can host images for free and with reasonable file size limits? As far as i know most image host sites will push hard for paid plains (fair enough).

  • You can pay for your own hosting for as little as $5 a month. It's a very wise investment in your own career. Not only can you host images yourself, you can customize your email.
    – Scott
    Mar 9 at 5:36
  • Currency exchange really makes it not worth it right now, i just need something to hold my things until i'm actually able to get my first website done. Mar 9 at 6:16
  • @NandoAguiar surely there are servers in your local country. But if you really can not afford ~5$ a month your going to die form upgrade of your computer. As your computer costs something between 16-84 $ per month where 50$ is somewhat reasonable. So in reality you should put 50$ away each month fore a new computer
    – joojaa
    Mar 9 at 9:16

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