Is it possible to draw inside an object without going outside? I want to scribble inside a circle without the drawing going outside of the circle....as for example in Photoshop, we can use clipping mask for that but I don't know about Inkscape. I am using Inkscape because my pc is low end and it doesn't have much memory

This is how it happens

This is how it happens

"This is how I want it"

This is how I want it

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Inkscape has no "draw inside" feature. However, you could use a clipping mask instead:

  1. Draw some lines over a filled square, and group the square and the lines

  2. Draw a circle on top

  3. Select the group and the circle, and do Object > Clip > Set

enter image description here

  • Wow...even though draw inside fn isn't available I will use this....I have used clip but didn't know it can be done like this...thank you for the information 🥰 Commented Mar 16, 2021 at 18:28

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