I would like to create a logo where an item is tightly secured to human skin, like it was tied up with rope and I want to make it look like there's something behind that objects that would indicate that it dents the skin. You know like as if you pushed pencil on your skin it would create a small dent since the skin is flexible and some small wrinkles would appear around it. It musn't be very detailed but I want it to look like the items is slightly buried in the skin due to pressure from the "rope". Drop shadow looks good on other items but it doesn't give this flexible-skin like effect when it comes to this.

Any ideas how to create such effect that would indicate this item is placed against the skin and it makes it stretch a little?

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    Hello and welcome. This question might not be terribly well suited for a q and a format. But start by telling what you have tried so far. – joojaa Mar 14 at 18:57
  • When you say "human skin", do you mean a photograph of human skin? If so, I'd use Photoshop, not Illustrator. – Billy Kerr Mar 15 at 0:15

One, simple, method would be to use a gradient fill...

enter image description here

For a touch more, you could curve the outer edges of objects towards the indentation...

enter image description here

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