Hello so I had been sent an Illustrator file thru Gdrive to edit, it is a sewing pattern so it's just made up of different types of lines and a few texts. I send the file back and when they checked they saw that the pattern shrunk like the sleeve pattern at 30cm height turned 30mm. They checked the original file, the one they made, and saw that they were working on CM and not MM. I re-downloaded the file and when I opened it was still really small, I went to preferences and changed units from mm to cm, also changed the one in the document setup but it's still the same.

Edit: I can't resize manually because it's a sewing pattern and any resizing may cause a change in the pattern rendering it unusable

  • Very hard to help with this without having access to the file. Changing units shouldn't change the actual size of objects, just change the way the lengths are displayed. You should be able to draw a line for example where you manually enter a length like 30cm. No matter what unit the file is setup with, that line should actually be 30 cm. If everything indeed is 10 times too small, you should be able to select everything and scale them up to 1000%. Don't drag with your mouse, but either enter *10 behind width or height in the Transform panel or double-click the Scale Tool. – Wolff Mar 17 at 18:02
  • The measurement units in use for the document rulers and UI items has no bearing on the size of the actual artwork. I've never, in over 3 decades, seen art miraculously shrink. Something else is going on, which I realize you may not be aware of. – Scott Mar 17 at 18:03
  • Its fairly common with fashion students to mistakenly assume the unit was cm even though in reality most software default to mm. Is it possible that the rile was imported from another source? – joojaa Mar 17 at 19:38

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