In Blender, shift+middle drag is for moving the view. In Krita, just middle drag is doing that thing and shift+middle drag does image rotation. The thing is, I am accustomed to Blender that I keep accidentally use shift+middle drag in Krita, resulting in unwanted rotation.

It seems that the undo button does not undo the rotation. I could do shift+middle drag again to get the image straight, but that would require a very precise control to set the rotation to 0. And the "Image->Rotate->Rotate Image->Angle Custom" adds that value to the current rotation, not setting the image rotation to that value (that is, if the current rotation is 5 degrees, applying Angle Custom 90 does not make the image rotation to 90, but to 95).

Is there any easy way to undo the shift+middle drag rotation or an easy way to set the image rotation to 0?

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Try View > Canvas > Reset Canvas Rotation

Note: You could also set up a keyboard shortcut for that. There isn't one set up by default. Go to Settings > Configure Krita Then, in Keyboard Shortcuts look under Menu > View you will find the shortcut settings for "Reset Canvas Rotation". Add a new custom keyboard shortcut for it. Maybe something like Shift+Alt+0. It will show up in the shortcut list as Alt+)

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