I browsed dafont.com for hours and used sites where you upload your image and it tells you what fonts are similar but I found nothing alike.

There are similar fonts (Bebas Neue, Headline) but the capital E is different. enter image description here

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    Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Not everything is a font you can download. In many instances specific letters of a pre-existing font may be edited in a vector image editor, to customise them. – Billy Kerr Mar 26 at 21:34
  • @BillyKerr Thanks! You are right. But this font was used for article headers in a magazine for multiple issues. So I am pretty sure it was a font. Perhaps it was a custom-made. But maybe, luckily, not. – Tom Mar 26 at 21:36
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    Yes, if wasn't a one-off, then it could even be a custom font that started off as a regular font. It is certainly possible to edit fonts, if the license allows that. – Billy Kerr Mar 26 at 21:38
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    90s maybe House Industries. They did a lot of those "broken" or "trendy" fonts at the time. – Scott Mar 26 at 22:01
  • @Scott Thanks, I'll check it ouy – Tom Mar 26 at 22:02

Beyond the "upload to identify" sites, you have a few other options...

If you can find the font used anywhere online, you could use the WhatFont browser extension to easily identify it (for Chrome/Safari/Firefox).

If you can find the font in a PDF file, open the PDF in a viewer, then try File > Properties > Fonts to see a list of all embedded fonts.

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