Searching for greyscale keyboard shortcuts I stumbled upon this nice useful video. However at minute 1:15 she uses a keyboard shortcut to quickly lighten and darken the selected colors. How does she do that?

She mentions that there's a previous video of hers explainig how to create such shortcut, but the video can't be found on her uploaded list.

I also found this page about a darken/lighten script, but the download link it's down.

So, how do you create such keyboard shortcut? I can't find anything about this.

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You don't need a script to do this.

You could record an Action, and assign it to a function key, then increase the black by 10% using Edit > Edit Colors > Adjust Colour balance. Then record a similar second Action assigned to another function key, but this time to decrease the black by -10%.

An example

Here are two such Actions I recorded. One named "Colour-" and the other "Colour+". I assigned these to the F2 and F3 keys.

enter image description here

Here's an example showing darkening or lightening a colour by using these function keys.

enter image description here

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    Thanks! Works like a charm. I expanded a bit on the shortcuts, and created four of them. Both options that increase +1/-1 and +10/-10 for the precise color hunting :)
    – Cristóbal
    Commented Apr 10, 2021 at 2:37

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