I recently exported an AI file as an SVG and there are a ton of "carriage return/line breaks" as nodes in the XML editor. Opening other SVGs does not reproduce this issue.

Is this a UTF issue? AI exporting issue? Is there a programmatic way to remove these?

Not a huge issue, I can simply remove them, but does anyone have any insight on why this is occurring?

If I open a text editor and remove the line break between <g></g> tags, the line break node is gone after reloading. Seems odd considering I have other SVG files with line breaks in them and those are not nodes in the XML editor for Inkscape.

Inkscape 1.0.1


XML Line Break Nodes

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I think this is related to Inkscape Issue #1138: (XML editor dialog) Hide whitespace nodes outside of text elements even when xml:space="preserve" is in root node

There are two ways I was able to fix this for myself. Hope this works for you as well!

Inkscape Method

  1. Open up the XML Editor
  2. Click on the topmost svg:svg element
  3. In the attributes panel, delete the xml:space attribute
  4. Save your project
  5. Either revert your project or close and reopen Inkscape

Text Editor Method

  1. Take a look toward the top of the file (usually the 3rd or 4th line) for the main <svg> tag
  2. Find the attribute xml:space="preserve" and erase
  3. Save the file and open it back up in Inkscape

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