I am new to Krita, and would like to start writing scripts for it. I am using Krita 4.4.3 with Ubuntu 18.04 and can't seem to even access the python manager in Krita to begin with.

In 'tools->scripts->...' there is nothing. I go to 'settings-> configure krita' and there is no "python manager" in the side bar.

I have reinstalled Krita, installed python-qt, and updated my operating system.

Nobody else on the internet seems to have this problem.

Ultimately what I'm trying to do is make a deck of cards for a board game. I would like to write a script that generates cards from a file containing the information on those cards, placing that information onto a template I make in Krita. The reason I want to use Krita is because that's where I'm doing the art for the cards, and I'd like it to be easy to make minor adjustments to both individual cards and the whole deck at once.

If someone a has solution to my problem with Krita that'd be awesome. Otherwise, suggestions for better ways to generate cards are also welcome.

Thanks for any help!


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