Can Anyone help me determine what font is being used in this receipt?enter image description here

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    I often wonder why anyone needs to match a font on a receipt.... There may be legitimate reasoning. However, all I can think of is to alter reality :)
    – Scott
    Commented May 5, 2021 at 18:25

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We get these questions quite often. It's never a font available for sale, it's always something designed by the printer manufacturer, perhaps encoded pixel by pixel.

A few things in the same space are Helvetica Compressed and Monospaced, maybe some other monospaced fonts or try looking at the Latin character range of fonts designed for Far East languages, those often have similarly "naive" alphabets with odd proportions. More loosely, Production Type, a French typeface studio, have made a thing of designing a lot of fonts inspired by the blocky nature of simplistic computer encodings or creating letterforms where the proportions are off. You might want to check out their Minotaur Sans, Proto Grotesk Mono and Dr if you want to find something that suggests this style in a less literal way. PangramPangram's Neue Machina is also a quite interesting take on this space.

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