This is the image: enter image description here

This is the alpha channel:enter image description here

How can you make the image transparent.(no black)

Like this one:enter image description here

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    Not quite sure what you're looking for here. If you apply that channel/mask to that picture, you get 'no black' - i.stack.imgur.com/IOyLP.png – Tetsujin May 12 at 16:41

I guess you have the wanted alpha channel as a separate image and the colored version should get it. In the next image both versions are separate layers in the same image:

enter image description here

If you insert a layer mask to the colored version you get normally a white mask like it has happened above.

  1. Select the content of the wanted mask layer and copy it to the clipboard

  2. Click the layer mask icon of the colored version by holding Alt key at the same time. That brings the mask under onscreen editing.

  3. Paste the new mask in place

Disable the wanted mask -layer. and see the result:

enter image description here

You can export as PNG if you want a single layer image which has the mask applied permanently (=as a new alpha channel). I wouldn't apply the mask in Photoshop (= Layer > Layer Mask > Apply) because I see it's a benefit to have the transparency in an editable mask.

  • Thank You this worked perfectly! – Allan May 12 at 17:35

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