Is it possible to be able to draw a select rectangle and then use the fuzzy select tool so that it will only expand to that rectangle?



Double click the fuzzy selection tool to open its options. Set mode "intersect" ON. The fuzzy selection is limited to the previously selected area.

enter image description here

BTW. Learn the rest of the options in GIMP user's guide. They are all as important.


The method by @user287001 works but if you mis-click you lose the selection. A less stressful way is to

  • do the first selection,
  • save it to a channel (Select ➤ Save to channel)
  • do the second selection
  • open the Channels list
  • right click the saved selection
  • use the appropriate operation (Intersect/Add/Subtract)

Saving selection to channels also lets you combine them in different ways

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