I just saw some trailers to the game Biomutant and I really like the artwork and UI. I am wondering what font(s) are used since I'd like to use them in my own projects.

Here is a screenshot form one of the YouTube videos

enter image description here

Questions that come to my mind

  1. What fonts are used?
  2. What are free/open source fonts that i can use in my own project and a quite similar to the one shown in the image?

Not sure which specific font you mean in the screenshot, but that yellow typeface looks like Bungee Google font. There are 4-5 different styles of this typeface. You can find all in Google fonts searching for Bungee. Here is a screenshot from the specific font page.

enter image description here

This font is licensed under the Open Font License.


"Murgel is the definition" is either FF Meta or its open-source adaptation Fira Sans. It's not open-source but if you like Bungee but want a design with lower-case you might like to look at Aglet Sans.

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