I have this web image design issue. Hopefully this is the right place to post my question?

i-top-nav-original.png is the original image putting inside the html the original image

when load up mixing with other html, it preview nicely.

image shown correctly

I want to remove the 2 word after the <

so I open up windows paint > use eraser to rub out this 2 word Save it

Then I open again the html page to load it the edited image However now it become not the same anymore...

image not shown correctly

Not too sure what causing this, how to properly remove the word while preserve the original background? need advice from designer.


manage to find the answer myself. It caused by windows paint don't have preserve transparent ability when save as png. Initially i didn't realize because when save the same image after editing, it won't prompt warning of original transparency will gone. Till I use "Save As" then the warning come out, then I found out it was limitation of the windows paint software itself....

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    Amongst the many reasons MS Paint is not the choice of professionals ;) – Tetsujin May 17 at 11:20

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