My Indesign document needs to be printed with a spot color. I have a svg-logo which is supposed to have this exact spot color.

It seems that I have no control over the color of the svg?

How can I print (=export) an InDesign document with only one color, if I have a svg-logo in it?

  • Your SVG does not have "this exact spot color".
    – Scott
    Jun 2 '21 at 21:54

SVG documents can only be in RGB as far as I know. They can be automatically converted to CMYK on export from InDesign, but you can't export to a spot color like that.

I would either:

  • Open the SVG in Illustrator. Change the colors to the wanted spot color. Save as an AI or PDF file and relink in InDesign.

  • Open the SVG in Illustrator. Select the logo and copy it to clipboard. Paste it into InDesign and choose the wanted spot color.

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