I am not sure if it's okay to a question here like "what font is this?" so sorry if this question is against the guidelines. I keep seeing this type of font everywhere on the logos. Is it even a font or is it just letters modified as objects in Illustrator?

enter image description here


I don't recognise any standard fonts such as this. But you can categorise it under stencil fonts as there are no loops involved. Such style is preferred for either of the two reasons -

  • to take advantage of stencil fonts and easily spray-print everywhere for advertisement/publicity.
  • for its minimalistic and geometric nature which gives it a professional "simple yet sharp" impression.

You may use free online tools like whatthefont! to search matching fonts.

  • Thanks mate, I'll look into stencil fonts. I couldn't use whatthefont! because it is an svg image not text, forgot to mention that.
    – in2d
    Jun 4 at 10:32
  • 1
    You can take a screenshot and upload on whatthefont, they accept images in .jpg and .png formats. I did this one for you and the closest one i found is Pirulen Font Jun 4 at 11:34
  • Didn't know that's possible. Thank you for the info
    – in2d
    Jun 4 at 23:37

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