Im attempting to grab these droplets in the image below and turn them into text to resize them. The little “O” shaped would be the first letter of what I’m trying to write as the letter “O” and the rest I’m trying to reshape to make other letters.

How would I go about this in the easiest way possible to make it a font or just to be able to write something?

droplet image

  • You already have enough material at least for the whole Vocal line of this song: youtube.com/watch?v=TmtwNXm6A8k But to stay serious: Search for air bubble fonts and see if the right one is already made. If not, start studying how fonts generally are constructed. For limited use you do not need computer font, only design different letters as images and make a composition of them in any drawing program. – user287001 Jun 14 at 20:04
  • I would merely make a symbol in Illustrator then use that. A font seems like way more trouble than necessary (and a bit too rigid in usage) – Scott Jun 14 at 21:31

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