I removed a piece of the art work from the group however when I cut and pasted it outside of the group it looked like this.

enter image description here I used live paint on the group so I am guessing it has something to do with it in that live paint from what I understand is like an effect and now its been cut out therefore the effect no longer applies.

  • Seems to me that you really ought to stay away from live paint for this project. Theres nothing to be gained as itseasy enough to properly fill the area.
    – joojaa
    Jul 4 at 7:45

You must Expand the Live Paint group if you want to make any changes
other than merely filling an area with color.

A Live Paint group is strictly click-to-fill, nothing more.
Not delete, not move, not alter, nothing. Only click-to-fill.

You've posted several questions... they all seem to directly relate to this very aspect.

It may be helpful to review Adobe's Help files regarding Live Paint.

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