I am having trouble selecting paths using the direct selection tool. Once I click and drag it selects some paths. I want to click and drag again to select more paths however it deselects the paths I've already selected. This is for an image I live traced so quite a lot of paths. enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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With the Direct Selection tool you don't want to click-drag over the same things twice. The first drag will select something, the second will deselect it.

It may be helpful to use the Hide function, which I often do. If something is hidden, it can't be selected/deselected. So Hide what you've already selected, make a new selection, hide that, repeat. Then show all.

  • Click-drag with the Direct Selection tool to get a selection
  • Then choose Object > Hide > Selection from the menu
    (Quicker via shortcut... Command/Ctrl + 3)
  • Once everything you want as a selection is hidden,
    choose Object > Show All ( Command/Ctrl + Option/Alt + 3)

Everything you've hidden will become visible and selected.

enter image description here

Note you can also use the Lock function rather than Hide. Same workflow. Hide can simply makes it easier to tell what has been selected and what hasn't.

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