I have a path in GIMP, imported from an SVG created in Inkscape. The path consists of multiple letters converted from text, so there are multiple unconnected sections of the path. I want to delete all of the letters except for one. What is the best way to do this? Thank you.

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If the text is all one combined path, you can delete nodes using the Paths Tool by holding down Ctrl+Shift+click to delete them. Continue deleting until the letter is completely gone. You can also delete line segments using the same method by doing this on a line rather than a node, but the nodes will be left behind.

If the paths for each letter are separate, you can delete a path in the Paths panel. Simply select the Path in the panel by highlighting it, and hit the X at the bottom of the palette to Delete This Path.

In the long run it might be easier to just edit the SVG in Inkscape, select all the paths you don't want, delete them, then save a new SVG and import that into GIMP. Remember that GIMP isn't a vector image editor and only has very basic vector path support.


Using the ofn-path-edit script, several ways:

  • #1: Make a selection (Freehand, rectangle...) around the characters you want to delete (or keep) and use the Delete Stroke/Extract strokes function.
  • #2: Use the Break text path apart function, that will create a new path per character (or diacritic mark). Keep the one you need.

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