Say I have the lookup layer as lookup = app.currentDocument.activeLayer How can I set the setting on the layer? As far as I can tell its Art Layer base class, and I can only see base calls in my data browser (toolkit). How can I cast it to lookup/set lookup programatically?


  • What do you mean “set the setting on the layer”? Set what setting? What exactly are you trying to do? And what is “lut” supposed to be? Jul 21 at 9:21
  • I want to set 3D Lut file on Color Lookup adjustment layer
    – Dariusz
    Jul 21 at 9:24
  • You can't set it via DOM. Check the Scripting Listener plugin — it'll generate some Action Manager code you could use in your JS scripts. Jul 21 at 15:55
  • @SergeyKritskiy yes I have tried it. I'm afraid it does not give any output when specifying file/lut :- (
    – Dariusz
    Jul 22 at 10:15
  • oh, tried that and you're right: it doesn't record changes. In this case I'd think it's impossible to do with a script :/ Jul 22 at 10:26

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