I am seeing the font web Means font from https://ux.mailchimp.com/patterns/typography Is there a way to grab this font in any way?

font-family: "Means Web",Georgia,Times,"Times New Roman",serif;

enter image description here

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    It is possibly their own created font. So not for sale.
    – Vikas
    Jul 23 at 18:07
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    @uberrebu you can easily google how to find custom fonts being used on websites. Usually you can find them using Network tab. But this one is their brand font and not for sale. You're not advised to do it. It would be illegal to do so.
    – Vikas
    Jul 23 at 18:31
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    You can find similar fonts online, even free.
    – Vikas
    Jul 23 at 18:32
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    You realize this site is populated by users that make a living from their intellectual property... and you are asking how to take, without permission, the intellectual property of another. If the owner wanted the font for everyone to use, they'd make it available to everyone. Just like taking and using copyrighted images from Google Image Search is less than ethical, so is taking fonts by scouring markup for them.
    – Scott
    Jul 23 at 19:55
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    @uberrebu If the font does not allow usage, it is illegal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re only using it on your own computer or elsewhere. If you do not have the right to obtain the font (which you do not with Means), it is illegal to even download it. Stop spreading misinformation. Jul 26 at 9:39

Means is a custom font designed by Commercial Type for Mailchimp. It belongs to Mailchimp and you can't buy the right to use it at any price.

enter image description here

Fortunately, it's based on Cooper by Oz Cooper (sometimes Cooper Old Style) which is now in the public domain, and other designs have been published inspired by this design. Check out Newlyn's New Kansas or Cooper BT.

enter image description here


Fonts can be grabbed by inspecting the network tab and isloating elements to only font for easy find

enter image description here

from that it leads you to the css file for the font typefaces.css

@font-face {
  font-family: "Means Web";
  src: url(/release/1.1.15f007016564549c82ed7fac0b9d6940a3cc2cb77/css/fonts/means/Means-Light-Web.woff2)
  font-weight: 300;
  font-display: fallback;

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