Is there a quick way to apply an entire color palette to a linear gradient in Inkscape?

I built a custom .gpl file which is available along with the native palettes.

However, I can't see where I can assign an entire palette to a gradient. Is this possible? Without creating individual stops for each palette color? (there are 41 colors in my palette)

I'm running v1.1


added 2021-08-02

Here's some python code to output formatted tags (as @Xrott's web tool will do):

# works for a list of rgb tuples with integer values

rgb_tup_lst =[(127, 0, 0), (138, 0, 0), (150, 0, 0)]
stops = [(n/len(rgb_tup_lst)) for n,i in enumerate(rgb_tup_lst)]
stops_rgb_lst =  list(zip(stops, rgb_tup_lst))
for s in stops_rgb_lst:
    print("<stop offset='{}' stop-color='rgb{}'/>".format(round(s[0],3), s[1]))

Then, can copy and past from your IDE and follow directions from @Xrott's answer...please be sure to still upvote their answer if you find my python code helpful.

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This sounds like a job for a script. For every color in your .gpl file, output a line like this:

<stop offset="[i / (length - 1)]" stop-color="rgb([r], [g], [b])"/>

I created a quick little online tool to convert your .gpl file to SVG gradient-stops.

Then create a placeholder-gradient in Inkscape, save and open your file in a text-editor and replace the <stop>-tags inside the placeholder <linearGradient> with your generated stops.

Now you can reload your file and continue editing in Inkscape.

  • Nice! Thank-you. Your online tool and text editor approach works nice (and quick) for me. I'm intrigued by scripting directly, but I looked up the Inkscape wiki and it'd take me a bit longer to figure-out so didn't attempt (I've got good python skills, just haven't tried with Inkscape...yet). Cheers
    – CreekGeek
    Commented Aug 1, 2021 at 21:15

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