Is there a way to extend a point selection to its stroke ?

I want to:

  • select a point
  • (magic shortcut ?)
  • have the whole stroke selected

Thanks !

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Yes, click the anchor point once to select it, then ALT+Click the same point again, to select the entire path.


One can merely click the object with the Selection Tool (Black arrow) to select it in its entirety. Or you can Option/Alt+click when using the Direct Selection Tool (White Arrow) to select entire objects.

If you must start with merely a single anchor selected, and must use a shortcut without any further clicks...

Lock, then unlock, and the entire object will be selected....

  • Select a single anchor
  • Command/Ctrl+2 (Object > Lock > Selection)
  • Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+2 (Object > Unlock All)

This will result in the entire object being selected after it is unlocked.

You can do the same thing with Object > Hide rather than locking, if you'd prefer to hide.

  • Select a single anchor
  • Command/Ctrl+3 (Object > Hide > Selection)
  • Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+3 (Object > Show All)

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