I'm trying to fill with colors each square inside the cube I drew with the pen tool. I made a custom grid and finally came up with the following shape:

enter image description here

The problem, is that I cannot find a way to color each part of this cube, and even fill parts if I merge this cube for another, here is an example:

enter image description here

Basically, fill those closed areas with a color or gradient. It is not letting me.

How can I achieve filling with color those areas with a different color each?


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  • Select All
  • Grab the Live Paint Bucket Tool
  • Click each side
  • Expand the Live Paint Object
  • Select and fill the sides with whatever you want.

I think the issue is that you have a collection of lines rather than shapes which can be filled. You can use the Live Paint Tool as in the other answer. I think I would use the Shapebuilder Tool for this:

Select all your lines

Go to Shapebuilder Tool in the Tool Palette (or press Shift + M)

Click inside each shape you want to color

Select each of your shapes and add color fill as you please

enter image description here

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