This question is the same as this one for Photoshop, however using GIMP and the exception that my Alt key is working, however Alt does not work in GIMP like in Photoshop.

To quote the previous question, this is the problem (after adding a curve, the next path is curved as well):

Is there a way to resolve this in GIMP or is it esoteric?


There's no need to use a modifier key to do this in GIMP.

After clicking and dragging a curve, release the mouse button, then click and drag the Bézier handle to a new position, then continue with the tool.


enter image description here

If you want to fully retract a Bézier handle, you can Ctrl+Shift+click on it


enter image description here

Closing a path is achieved by Ctrl+clicking the first node you made. After making a path everything is clickable and draggable: the handles themselves, and the actual path, and the nodes. If you want to re-smooth a node, hold down Shift as you click and drag a handle. Ctrl+Shift can also be used to delete nodes.


AFAIK no way to avoid this if you drag when doing the 2nd anchor, but you can always Ctrl-Shift-Click the extra tangent to remove it.

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