So recently I’ve been getting into anime and one of the anime/manga’s I’ve been getting into is called “lucky star” (らき すた)

When watching the anime for this manga, I’ve noticed the font used in the title cards is very unique and so I tried to find this font. I used matcherator, what the font and much more to no avail.

Defining features:

• ら(ra) character’s top is at an angle and is tapered.

• font is curved

• す (su) character’s loop is a stretched circle rather than being a perfect circle

Can someone help me identify this font? Thank you.

  • Hi. Welcome to GDSE. You may have to search through lists of Japanese fonts to find a match. I'm honestly not sure that automatic font ID sites will work for you, since these are mainly for Latin fonts. Also, there's a possibility it's not actually a font. Sometimes graphic designers create custom designs for logos, or modify existing fonts.
    – Billy Kerr
    Aug 23 at 16:51

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