I have created a new window so I have 2 versions of my file to look at at the same time. I am wanting to have the windows appear like below.

window split with two viewports open on separate versions of the same image

However when I go to window>arrange>tile it doesn't create two separate windows like the above - it just creates a new tab.

selecting window>tile


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First, if the desire is multiple windows tiled on screen, you can not use tabbed documents. At least not in CS6.

Tabs won't allow the creation of tillable windows, you can't tile tabs. So you first must navigate to Illustrator > Preferences > User Interface and uncheck Open Documents as Tabs. Or merely create floating windows of what you want tiled (In the Window Menu).

Then it's a two step processes to get a tiled windows for a single document.

  1. Choose Window > New Window
  2. Choose Window > Arrange > Tile

Simply choosing Tile does not open a new window.
Tile will merely tile existing windows (but again, it won't tile tabs).

In CS6 if you have the Application bar visible (Window > Application bar), you can merely choose one of the tiling options there and all the open tabs or windows will be tiled to match the icon.

I had 3 tabs, so I get options for layouts of up to 3. Tabs are auto-converted to floating windows then tiled.

enter image description here

To be blunt, this is really the only use for the Application Bar in CS6. You can open Adobe Bridge (the other icon seen in the screenshot above) via keyboard shortcuts if needed.


This is an example using Illustrator CC, but as far as I remember it was the same in earlier versions.

You can click and drag tabs off the tab bar, and manually reposition and resize the document windows.

enter image description here

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