Is there a shortcut for switching tabs in Fireworks CS6?

In case it's important, I´m using a mac with a Spanish keyboard.

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This might be of help: Fireworks - Select and customize keyboard shortcuts.

Fireworks lets you use keyboard shortcuts to select menu commands, select tools from the Tools panel, and speed up miscellaneous tasks that do not exist as menu commands.

Select a shortcut set

  • Select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) or Fireworks > Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS).

  • Select a shortcut set from the Current Set pop-up menu, and click OK.

Create custom and secondary shortcuts

You can create custom keyboard shortcuts from a preinstalled set, and you can create secondary shortcuts to include several different ways to perform an action.

The keyboard shortcuts except for menu commands cannot include modifier keys: Control, Shift, and Alt (Windows) or Command, Shift, Option, and Control (Mac OS). They must consist of a single letter or number key only.

  • Select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) or Fireworks > Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS).

  • Click the Duplicate Set button.

  • Enter a name for the custom set and click OK.

  • Select the appropriate shortcut category from the Commands list.

  • Click in the Press Key text box, and press the desired keys for the new shortcut on the keyboard.

To add a secondary shortcut to the shortcut list, click the Add A New Shortcut (+) button. Otherwise, click Change to replace the selected shortcut.

Also, here's a list of the current shortcuts.


It's control + command + "< / >" key

thanks anyway!

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