I am using the Emailify Plugin for Figma and noticed that I cannot add a Link to images/ icons. I want to add a clickable URL to each of the social media icons. There is another question from a year ago describing a work-around where you place an equal-sized text box at 0% opacity that people click to Lin kto the social media or other hyperlink.

Please help! What is the workaround? I am not strong in HTML but I could figure out how to edit the code to add the hyperlink once I export it... I think. I also need instructions on loading it into ActiveCampaign but one issue at a time, right?


  • According to their documentation it looks like you do it just like you'd make a text link: Select image > add link URL. If that doesn't work, you should probably contact them directly.
    – Joonas
    Sep 14 at 6:35

You can insert links on Figma by selecting the text, pressing Command + K then adding the URL. When you hover you can edit the link as well.

For your reference see this video.

Hope this will help you, thank you :)

  • Hi Sumit, strangely it is not this simple with images, I am still trying to figure this one out for the Emailify Plugin, not just for Figma Oct 25 at 16:30

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