I've got a raster image (a photo of someone's face) on which I would like to apply two specific masks.

The photo is the following:

enter image description here

The masks I want to apply are like so (1st column is photo, 2nd column is photo and mask, and 3rd column is masked photo):

enter image description here

So that hopefully the face is fading in, while the torso is cut in the shape of an ellipse.

Unfortunately, when I try to apply both masks (Object -> Mask -> Set), the second always replaces the first:

enter image description here

I also cant use the union of both masks (Path -> Union), as it removes the blurring of the blurred mask.

So my question is how to apply several masks (with different blurs) to an object in Inkscape?

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If you want to apply both objects at the same time, group them with Ctrl+G, then set as mask.

If you want to apply them one after the other, apply the first mask, group the masked object by itself then apply the second.

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