My GIMP application is in an odd state, possibly due to a setting that got messed up/corrupted? When I make a selection with any of the selection tools, there is no visual indication of where the selection is, i.e. no marching ants. I didn't find this problem in my searches, but I did find a reference to permanently toggling marching ant visibility -- not how to do it, just "I wouldn't be "permanently" toggling edge display if I were you." in mayersdesign's comment on this thread: How to stop marching ants in Gimp after selection has been made?

I tried restarting GIMP, restarting the computer, etc. I am on MacOS 11.5 and GIMP v 2.10.14. Thanks.

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This is a known bug with Big Sur, still awaiting a fix.

A workaround is to use the "quick mask" or the selection editor to check you selection.

Btw, 2.10.14 is not the latest (2.10.28 currently).

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