I would like to convert an embedded image to a mosaic through a script since I need to iterate it a few hundred times. I've tried using app.executeMenuCommand("Live PSAdapter_plugin_MscT"); but this prompts a dialog, making automation impossible. I've also tried using app.doScript("toMosaic", "myActions", false); but for some reason this seems to loop until stack overflow (this seems to be the case for any actions too).

I tired this:

app.executeMenuCommand("Live PSAdapter_plugin_MscT");

and also this (a working action in illustrator):

doc.placedItems[0].selected = true;
app.doScript ("toMosaic", "myActions", false);

Thanks a bunch

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To whom ever this may address, I figured out the cause of this strange behaviour. Running the script as an action with a key-bind (ex F1) does not seem to work properly with doScript() specifically. Running the script manually (selecting it under Scripts) works as intended however.

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