I'm new in Adobe Illustrator. Are there any other ways to create a new layer in Illustrator than pressing the button at the bottom of the Layers panel? Is there a shortcut, like Shift + Ctrl + N in Photoshop? And for clarification - is there a way to create a new layer from the main menu? It seems layers are much more important in Photoshop, which has a separate Layer menu tab, missing in Illustrator.

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Command/Ctrl+L is the default shortcut in Illustrator for a new layer.

Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Menu Commands > Other Panel And you can change it to match Photoshop's shortcut if you'd like (that's what I do).

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The other way (besides the panel button) to create a new layer is via the Layers Panel Menu. There's no "new layer" item in the main app menu.

Illustrator layers are quite different than Photoshop layers.

Illustrator has an Object Stack which is contained in every Layer. Photoshop has no object stack. In Illustrator, it's often the object stack which is more imperative. Layers in Illustrator are typically more about artwork organization than actual construction and appearance.

In Photoshop, construction is often a mix of layer interactions, and indeed can greatly depend on layer interaction for some appearances. In Illustrator, layers are really more like "master groups" and don't necessarily interact with one another. It's the object stack in Illustrator which has interaction to a greater degree.

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