This is probably a complete novice question, so apologies in advance if that is the case. Is there a standard way to create two "color wheels" that consist of very distinct color palettes? I created the two wheels below using trial-and-error by putting Red-Green-Blue in one wheel and Cyan-Yellow-Magenta in the other, but would assume that there is a standard approach for such a thing if it is considered useful. I am using this to visualize pairs of angles in a surface plot. enter image description here

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    Sorry, huh? Not sure I understand. You can just use any colors to make a wheel.. Red, Green, Blue -- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow -- Teal, Orange, Green -- Brown, Purple, Grey -- etc... It's merely a conical gradient between whatever colors you choose.
    – Scott
    Oct 15 '21 at 21:15

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