I am wanting to make a graphic style that I can apply to text. The image below is type that has been turned into outlines. I had to turn it into outlines so the stroke would be around the outside.

Basically I have a bunch of titles that need to have these same attributes applied. What I've done is..

created text outline

added stroke

transformed and offset to create the depth for black

Tilted on an angle

Then I expanded everything.

Not sure if its possible with Graphic Styles to save objects that have been transformed a specific way as a style or is it merely to add colour, strokes and effects etc?

enter image description here

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If you can create something using the Appearance Panel, it can be saved as a Graphic Style.

All of those settings can be accomplished using live text and and then saved as a graphic style to apply to different (live) text. There's no need to outline anything.

enter image description here

You could also probably use Effect > Warp > Rise rather than the free Distort. You might find controlling the warp easier.

enter image description here

Saved as a Graphic Style....

enter image description here

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