I use command + 2 often to lock all and opt + command + 2 to unlock all. I was wondering if there is a shortcut to lock and unlock specific object you select?

  • That would be cmd+2
    – joojaa
    Oct 26 '21 at 5:25

"....unlock specific object you select"

If an object is locked, you can't select it. That's sort of the point of locking.

Because you can't select a specific object, you can't unlock just a specific object, at least not via shortcuts.

It is possible to find a specific object in the Layers Panel and unlock the object there. Not sure about you, but how I work, often finding something minute and specific in the layers panel can take quite a while and a lot of trial and error by toggling visibility on and off to locate it.

Traditional workflow is to Unlock All, hold down Shift, click the specific object you want unlocked, then Lock again.

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