apologies for the sloppy title, I hope the body will make sense.

I'm creating a flowchart in illustrator because that's where I feel more comfortable as opposed to stand-alone data visualization apps.

Here we go:

  • I have created a LOT of area type boxes and other shapes with text in them
  • the text was 10pt (I think it's reasonable)
  • I created inset spacing of 12.5 and manually resized the shapes to fit the text and stay consistent
  • these shapes have a stroke(2px), round corners (2px) and a fill


I have so many of these shapes that I ran out of vertical space.. working in a default size canvas

I tried:

  • copying the content to a large canvas document.. it changed the inset spacing to 125. I can upscale everything by *10 it will work but I run out of space again NOT GOOD.
  • downscaling the content I have on my main document. but it won't downscale the inset spacing and the text of course disappears NOT GOOD.

I could probably cut the chart in pieces and put it together in photoshop or something.. but that's not elegant

I also don't have a problem working with Large canvas format

here's an unnecessary photo here's an unnecessary photo

Help is appreciated.. Thank you for your time

  • What do you mean with "default size canvas"? You can choose any size that suits your needs. If you are not working at the exact physical size your chart is going too be printed in, a chosen font size have little meaning. Might be scaled up or down later. So why not just make your current artboard taller instead of scaling or moving to another document?
    – Wolff
    Nov 3 at 20:17
  • Honestly, I'd not be using Area Type. I'd use Point type with a background shape Scaling of effects is more controllable, and text won't "disappear". I also don't fully grasp the "run out of space" or "default size canvas" comments. There is a limit to the artboard size in Ai (227" I think).. if you're hitting that, you may need to work at scale or split your art to separate documents. (227" tall is quite a chart)
    – Scott
    Nov 3 at 21:34
  • Also sounds kind of like a table in InDesign may be easier - except not sure rounded corners are possible for an ID table.
    – Scott
    Nov 3 at 21:41
  • Thank you @Wolff for your comment. "default size canvas" is allowed drawing area. I started working without realising I would get to this point.. font size is the main independent variable the size of each box is based on(12.5px boundaries around the text). I can not scale he font up or down because then I'd have to scale each individual "box" of text. lastly, I ran out of "canvas" space to make the "artboard" taller. Thank you again
    – Jacob
    Nov 4 at 8:43
  • What are the dimensions of your artboard?
    – Wolff
    Nov 4 at 9:11

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