First of all thank you in advance for all the inputs and suggestions!

I am looking for a software (or a piece of code, python ideally) that can help me to achieve the following.

  1. import an already generated image or sketch
  2. select an animation duration (and maybe also style)
  3. produce a video long the input duration of the input image being drawn/painted.

I am not looking for a simple fade in, but ideally more like a software that can automatically make the image simpler (like cartoon-ize it, or simplify it in some way) and detect key features, features that are then progressively drawn/painted in an animation of custom duration. It does not have to be a realistic painting animation of the image, but more like something entertaining and eye-catching.

After a search, this is the closest related question I found: 1 Unfortunately, it is quite old and I did not find what I was looking for among the answers. So I was wondering if someone might have a better solution :)

Thank you again!

  • Welcome to GD.SE!
    – Mensch
    Nov 8 '21 at 13:43
  • Python scripts aren't really "graphic design".
    – Scott
    Nov 8 '21 at 18:17
  • Thanks for the welcome! @Scott, I absolutely agree, and I would prefer to find a piece of proper software/software hacks to do it. My mention of python was just because the solutions suggested in the link I attached were javascript based Nov 8 '21 at 22:32

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