I am trying to adjust the leading of text. There are all different type sizes in the same text frame. I highlighted the two lines that I wanted to adjust the leading of but nothing changed. It seems all the text is inter-related I guess I am not using leading in the right way?

enter image description here


Check whether your lines end with a soft return, or a proper return (end of paragraph).

Then check any space before or space after settings.

And the vertical justification of the text box.

All these can affect the way leading works.

  • Aha yes! I used a soft return thanks! Nov 11 '21 at 2:30

Should work. But in the screenshot you shared you did not select the whole second line. If you decrease the line-height of a line but not select the break character it does not have any effect as it always takes the highest line-height for every line.

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