I'm trying to add a group of graphic elements next to the artboard (page) that would be used on each created page. I tried to place the group next to the artboard on the master page, but it doesn't show up on the pages (see screenshots - the yellow triangle is placed on the master page and is supposed to be visible on the regular page).

Does anyone have an idea how to make the objects that are outside of the artboard on the master page visible on all pages created with this master page?

Master Page:

enter image description here

Regular page:

enter image description here

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    – Mensch
    Nov 17 at 18:58

If you place an empty rectangle in the artboard area that only just encroaches into the bleed area, then it will appear on all pages that rely on that master page.

Grouping any other items with the rectangle will bring them along with it.

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    you can always set the bleed for the doc even if you don't intend to use it
    – Yorik
    Nov 17 at 14:43

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