This is the same school as my earlier question, Texas Country Day School, and they used this font on the covers of their yearbooks from 1945-1949.Texas Country Day School, 1945-49

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    This is hand drawn. Look at the non-uniform serif sizes (on the T especially), and the sloppy asymmetric size and positioning of the barbs. You might see work like this today in a freeware font, but not in a commercial font. The number 1948 is also clearly hand drawn.
    – r3mainer
    Nov 25 at 8:05
  • OK, thank you. I had not thought of that since it was used for the 4-year period. If you had to pick one font that it most closely resembled, could you suggest that? I appreciate your help.
    – Bud Brooks
    Nov 26 at 2:43
  • Something like this, maybe? I don't think you'll find anything very close, but try searching for fonts with keywords like "Cowboy", "Tex Mex" or "Wild West" and see what pops up.
    – r3mainer
    Nov 26 at 9:00
  • Great, thank you very much. The Texas Tango is very close other than the tiny serifs on top and on bottom of the letters from the yearbooks.
    – Bud Brooks
    Nov 27 at 3:12
  • You were very helpful, thank you -- on this question. I posed another question a few hours before this one about an unusual font from even earlier yearbooks for the same school. Can you please review that image and give me your thoughts on that? I appreciate it.
    – Bud Brooks
    Nov 27 at 3:14

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