This one has been killing me and I can't seem to find a good solution. I'm making a document for a family tree and am trying to get the numbering right in InDesign.

The numbering goes as follows: 1.(is the generation)0.(are the kids from this generation)0.(the kids from this generation)0.(and so forth)

So in this example we have this:

enter image description here

This is still relatively easy.

enter image description here

Here is where it already starts to become complex.

enter image description here

Here it becomes impossible...

Basically for every 'enter' the number goes +1 and it adds a number after the sequence n+1.0.0.(+1)

Now, how do I replicate this in InDesign? Because I can't seem to find a solution that lets me do what I want.

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It's possible in InDesign using Numbering with several Levels.

For each generation you need to have a Paragraph Style with a corresponding Level.

In the Paragraph Style Options of the first generation we can set up Bullets and Numbering like this:

Note that:

  • Level is set to 1.
  • Number is set to ^#. . Current Level (^#), a period (.) and a space ( ).
  • Mode is set to Continue From Previous Number.

The second generation will of course have Level set to 2 and Number can be set to ^1.^#. . Level 1 (^1), a period (.), Current Level (^#), a period (.) and a space ( ).

The ninth generation will have Level set to 9 and Number set to ^1.^2.^3.^4.^5.^6.^7.^8.^#. . All previous levels with a period in between followed by the current leve, a period and a space.

InDesign only supports nine levels, so that might become a problem for you. I see you've already reached level 8 in your last example so you can only add one more generation before the method breaks.

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