How do I cut off the boundary of a picture all zig zag like it is in this picture


Or in this one


I have Paint.NET, a free image editing software. How can I do this in Paint.NET?


Take a look at this tutorial: http://cscroman.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/paint-net-torn-paper-effect/

In short

  • Create a layer on top filled with white.
  • Add a third layer on top of all of those.
  • Draw the line of your torn paper on this layer in black.
  • "Merge Layer Down" on layer 3. Layers 2 and 3 will be merged.
  • Duplicate this layer
  • Gaussian blur the lower of these two layers
  • On the other one, select the area you want to show using the magic wand tool.
  • Invert your selection and clear
  • "Merge Layer Down” again
  • Still with the Magic Wand, select the area of the image you will show
  • "Merge Layer Down” one more time.

If you want to be able to edit the shadow later, the torn page effect can be achieved using this plugin:

If you don't know how to install plugins you can learn here.

What you first need to do is recreate the torn border of the page, erasing some parts manually. Then go into Effects > Object > Drop Shadow and change the values to the ones you prefer.


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