I've got points as the outline thickness (OT) unit, I want it to always be millimeters.


  1. I tried setting default OT (which changes the unit,too) by unselecting everything and pressing F12. It works, but only in the current document.
  2. I tried saving the document parameters as default via Tools - Save settings as default. This changes the OT unit to millimeters in all new documents, but old documents still have OT measured in points.

Is there a way to change points to millimeters everywhere?


Not on old documents to my knowledge. Only for new documents.

  • IT would be odd that a setting that may be set by document author would be overriden. BUt ist a abit of a design problem how do you accomodate overrides, and overrides to overrides.
    – joojaa
    Jan 14 at 12:16

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